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Most busy mums feel tired, stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to leading a healthy life.

“Why aren’t I skinny yet? I’m doing all the right things or I’m trying to. It’s not working and it’s so annoying. Other people seem to be doing it.”

“I hate cooking! I hate it! Like why am I going to cook if nobody is going to eat it but me and my husband?" 

“I’m too tired to exercise!” 

“At the end of the day I feel exhausted. I collapse on the sofa after battling the kids to bed, too tired to do anything useful. I often have a glass of wine and then feel guilty about it.”

It doesn’t have to be like that!



Most people don’t realise how easy it is to lead a healthy life.

When you create healthy routines, habits and systems, it just happens without thinking about it.

What’s the problem?

  • UK: 28.7% adults are obese, another 35.6% are overweight. Total 64.3%
  • USA: 42.4% adults are obese, another 31.8% overweight. Total 74.2%
  • Kids eating habits are established by 3 years of age.

Lifestyle disease such as diabetes, heart disease, some cancers are leading causes of death and illness.

They are avoidable with a healthy lifestyle.
With a healthy lifestyle you can lead a long and healthy life

Imagine yourself…

  • Calm and relaxed about creating healthy food for you and your family (even if you have picky eaters). 
  • Proud of your amazing body, how toned and fit you are. 
  • Confident to wear anything you want. Refreshed, relaxed, invigorated. You can take 
  • Anything life throws at you. Even 2020! 
  • The envy of the school gate. “What’s your secret?” the other mums ask. 

The reality is that most people don’t stick to change. The problem with habits is that until you’ve established a new habit, the old one sucks you back in. You need to cross “the wobbly bridge” from bad habits to healthy habits.


I’ll walk you across the bridge to healthy routines, habits and systems.


Together we’ll  create healthy eating and living habits your whole family will love. 

So you can get back into your skinny jeans. Feel energised, productive and happy. Lead a long and healthy life. Without thinking about it. 

Confident that you’re teaching your kids healthy habits that will last a lifetime so they’ll grow into healthy adults.

Hi, I’m Dr Orlena.

  • Paediatric doctor (trained in the UK).
  • Mother of 4 (including 2 very picky eaters)
  • Author of “Feeding Toddlers”

Her energy and enthusiasm will make it easy for you to implement her Super Simple System.

Dr Orlena’s 4 Pillars of Health

Become the healthiest version of your family without having to think about it. 


Easily create healthy and tasty food the whole family will eat.


Enjoy becoming the fittest and strongest version of yourself.


Luxouriate in quality sleep every night so you feel refreshed and productive all day every day.

Emotional Wellness

Find happiness, calmness and the ability to deal with the ups and downs of life.


Teach your kids good habits so they grow into healthy adults.

What’s Included:


Easy Family Food Strategy for your unique family


One on one coaching the support and accountability you need


Personalised Exercise and Sleep Strategy


My Kitchen Miracles (reservoir of healthy recipes so you don't have to waste hours on Pinterest)


Healthy Eating for Kids Strategy (including picky eaters and Family Meal Strategy)


Emotional Eating Strategy stops foods having a hold over you


Emotional Tools so you can stick to your Ideal Healthy Life


Voxer Messaging Service stay in contact with Dr Orlena

Phases of Healthy You Healthy Family Coaching

Month 1


Onboarding (EFF and YIHL "Your Ideal Healthy Life Step Through") Nutritional Reboot. Start sleep, exercise and emotions

Months 3-12 

Fat burning

Continue to work on all 4 pillars Weight loss (including plateau and reassessment) Other benefits (e.g. improved relationships, emotional wellness)

Months 12-18

Ideal Healthy Life

Ideal healthy life on autopilot Graduation!

One on One Coaching Packages

All packages including all strategies and voxer messaging service.

Payment plans available. 10 Day Trial period.


6 Months Support

Private sessions 10 + 1 bonus


12 Months Support

Private sessions 15 + 4 bonus (+ "Amazing life session at 6 months)


3 Months Support 

Private sessions 6

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