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Dr Orlena's Road Map to Healthy Amazing You

Fed up with healthy living being too hard?

I'll show you the easy route.

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Healthy Living Feels Hard when You Don't Have the Right Suport

Hello, I’m Dr Orlena. It’s so lovely to meet you.

Right now you might be feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, fed up with “healthy living”.

You’ve tired of dieting, exercising, meditation, kale smoothies and nothing seems to stick.

You’d love to have:

  • bucket loads of energy,
  • a body you’re proud of and
  • be a role model for your kids. So they grow up with healthy habits (and just think that’s normal life.)

You know healthy living is the key.

But. Life. Just. Seems. To. Happen.

And you find yourself back at square one again.

Worse, back at square one feeling like a failure and as if nothing works.


"Dr. Orlena has helped me fine-tune my eating habits, so that I can naturally incorporate healthy choices as lifelong habits and prevent myself from regressing into old bad habits. Her techniques are simple to use, but powerfully effective."

Alea Milham, Author of Prep-Ahead Meals from Scratch

Dr Orlena preparing healthy vegetables to bake

Healthy Living is Easy When You Do Have the Right Support


Well, my friend. You’re in the right place. I’m here to show you how easy it’s going to be.

I’m all about “easy and fun”.  

I know you’re busy.

You don’t have time for “faff” and “complicated”.

Believe me I know. I have 4 kids and 2 of them are “picky eaters”. So even if you have picky kids, you’re still in the right place!

Dr Orlena’s Roadmap to Healthy Amazing You is the blue print I use with my clients. (Both my one on one clients and the amazing ladies in my group membership.)

If they can make changes, so can you!


Dr Orlena's 4 Pillars of Healthy Living


Pillar 1 Healthy Eating

Lots of veggies.

Less processed food.


Pillar 2 Movement and Exercise


 That you love and enjoy..


Pillar 3 Healthy Sleep 

Important for our health, feeling great and losing weight.


Pillar 4 Emotional Wellness

With the tools to take what life throws at you.


Your most healthiest YOU awaits you



Yes please! I want the Road Map
Dr Orlena smiling and holding some healthy clementines


3 Easy Steps to Healthy Amazing You

I’ve made it super easy for you.

Step 1 to Healthy Amazing You. Evaluate.

You’re going to map out where you are in my “4 Pillars of Healthy Living”.

Step 2 to Healthy Amazing You. Create.

Think about where you’d like to get to.

How will your life change once you’ve created healthy habits in all 4 pillars?

I’ll give you a hint. You’ll have bucket loads of energy, a body to be proud of and totally love your life!

I’d like you to be as specific as you can.

Want to do a 12 mile hike? Write it down.
Want to cycle the Camino de Santiago? Write it down. (That’s my dream!)
Want to keep up with your kids? Write it down.

Step 3 to Healthy Amazing You. Plan.

Now you need to make a plan! It’s all about creating habits, systems and routines.

Where are you going to start? (Don’t worry, the roadmap will help you. And if you get stuck you can “call a friend” aka Me!)


I'm want the Road Map to Healthy Amazing Me! 


Yes please! I want the Road Map