What if it was Easy to Create Healthy Habits?  Even if you're a Woman over 40.

Radiate & Renew: 4-Week Wellness Journey with Dr Orlena 



I'm ready to radiate!

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Does This Sound Like You?


You want to lose weight and get back to "healthy you" but life is so busy.

You're worried your hormones are working against you and want to change that

You want to do healthy eating and living "without thinking about it"

You want weight loss and healthy living to be easy. But right now it feels like a struggle.

You know what to do, you just don't seem to be able to do it. (You don't have a "knowledge gap", you have a "doing gap"?)



You want to lead a "vibrant rest of life" but don't know how to get yourself there AND STAY THERE!?


Hi I’m Dr Orlena .

I’m a “retired” pediatric doctor and mother of 4. I hear you!

This is my personal invitation to join the Radiate & Renew: 4-Week Wellness Journey with Dr Orlena , specifically designed for busy women.

Because you deserve to lead a long and healthy life, I want to show you how a few small changes to your lifestyle can add up to a powerful shift.

So you can do it all “without thinking”.


What People say about Working with Dr Orlena


Lia has lost weight and loves her life, from USA 

" I've made tremendous improvements not only in what I eat, but in my whole life. I really do feel amazing, and I'm having fun while I'm doing it! .

 I'm so grateful to you and your simple, doable and enjoyable course."


Imagine living a healthy life and feeling amazing every day on autopilot.


Join the Radiate & Renew: 4-Week Wellness Journey with Dr Orlena 

I'm ready to radiate!



 In Just 4 Weeks You'll Start to Change Your Life 


Each week for 4 weeks you'll create one small healthy habit that feels easy.


Here’s what you’ll get with the Radiate & Renew: 4-Week Wellness Journey with Dr Orlena 

You'll build small but powerful habits into your life.


Start Your Day Strong


You'll focus on the first meal of the day:

  • Move over quick release carbs, you're going to find a healthy and tasty breakfast that fuels you for the entire morning

 Add Some Veggies:

  • Get some more healthy veggies in your day!

  • Naturally low in calories and full of health boosting fibre and phytonutrients

 Add a Little Movement 

  • Just 2 minutes of movement after a meal can have an effect on your glucose levels.
  • We're going to make it fun and easy!

 Add Some Vinegar 

  • Not only can vinegar decrease your glucose spikes, if you drink it for 3 months it can decrease your visceral fat!
  • We're going to make it tasty and easy

By the End of the 4 Weeks You'll have 4 New Simple Habits 


Ready for Summer!

 What's included:

  • 4 live sessions. (recorded if you can't turn up live.)
  • Recipe collections: "Healthy Start Breakfasts" and "Salads and Simple Vegetables"
  • Community area for support and asking questions.


I'm ready to radiate!



Get Ready for Summer with Radiate & Renew: 4-Week Wellness Journey with Dr Orlena  starts on

Tuesday May 14 2024 

You in? See you on the inside.

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