What if you could lose weight in a natural and sustainable way?  Even if you're a woman over 40.

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Does This Sound Like You?

You suppress and control your emotions with food.  

You're fed up with finding yourself eating food you don’t want and don’t need, for reasons you don’t fully understand. 

You know there is a better way to eat and a better way to feel.

You want to lose weight.

You want to change the way you eat. 

You want to change your relationship with food.

You want to maintain a healthy weight. 

Food helped you to get through bad times in the past, but you now want to find a better way to feel good. 

You can’t face the misery and failure of yet another diet, but you really want a slimmer body and a happier life

You want 2023 to be THE year you get to "healthy you" AND STAY THERE!?


Hi I’m Dr Orlena .

I’m a “retired” pediatric doctor and mother of 4. I hear you!

This is my personal invitation to join the Positively Healthy Weight Loss Challenge, specifically designed for busy women.

Because you deserve to lead a long and healthy life. I want to take you step by step through the details, strategy and implementation so that it can be easy and fun.

So you can do it all “without thinking”.


What People say about Working with Dr Orlena


Lia has lost weight and loves her life, from USA 

" I've made tremendous improvements not only in what I eat, but in my whole life. I really do feel amazing, and I'm having fun while I'm doing it! .

 I'm so grateful to you and your simple, doable and enjoyable course."


Imagine living a healthy life and feeling amazing every day on autopilot.


Join the Positively Healthy Weight Loss Challenge 

Yes I'm Ready!



 In Just 5 Days You'll Start to Change Your Life 


Each day for 5 days you'll receive free trainings (FB lives, handouts, worksheets) to show you exactly what you need to do to create healthy habits so you can lose weight, feel fabulous and lead a long and healthy life.


Here’s what you’ll get with this FREE CHALLENGE

You'll get the EXACT strategy I use with my clients in less than one hour a day.


How to Make Weight Loss Easy and Healthy (Video Workshop)



You’ll discover:

  • The one reason it’s so difficult to lead a healthy life and lose weight
  • Why most people fail to lose weight and keep it off
  • Dr Orlena’s super simple system to easy and healthy weight loss
  • 3 phases of weight loss

Take Action!

Your turn to take action:

  • Complete your habit audit

  • Find out exactly what changes you need to make

  • Take one easy action


Combating Cravings and Emotional Eating (Video Workshop)



You’ll discover:

  • What are cravings and why do they take over your life?
  • Why do we eat emotionally and how to get to the root cause
  • Dr O’s 3 pronged approach to combat cravings and emotional eating

Take action!


Your turn to take action:

  • Fill out your worksheet
  • Take one easy action

Bonus: “Stop Overeating Meditation”


Your Positive Brain and How it Makes Weight Loss Easy 


You’ll discover:

  • Get to know your negative and positive brain
  • How your negative brain sabotages your efforts
  • How your positive brain makes it easier to take action
  • Your Road Map to Healthy You

And After 5 Days You'll Have...

 Everything you need:

  • To create your healthy life on autopilot
  • So you can lose weight. feel amazing and lead a long and healthy life
  • With bucket loads of energy every single day

All without having to think about it!

I'm ready to join!



The FREE Positively Healthy Weight Loss Challenge starts on

June 6th 1PM EST

You in? See you on the inside.

Yes I'm Ready!