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Dr Orlena’s Affiliate Program

Thank you so much for taking an interest in my affiliate program. We have great fun together and I’m super excited you’re interested.

Who is the Program For?

If you have connection with women aged 35-65, you’re in the right place. I mostly work with mums, but I also work with women who don’t have children.

The issues they face include:

  • they want more energy every day
  • they may want to lose weight (in a healthy and sustainable way)
  • they want to lead a long and healthy life
  • they may be reasonably healthy but want to get to the next level
  • they may be struggling to feed their kids a healthy diet (either picky eaters, or that they struggle to find the time to create healthy foods)

My training will address all of these problems with my Simple System.

I’ve made it Easy for You

I do a regular “Healthy Habit Challenge”. All you need to do is invite your friends and followers to join the free event. I’ve even created everything you need in terms of social media and email copy and images.

We also have a group co working session. (Next session is June 16th at 1pm Eastern Time.)

Benefits of joining Dr Orlena’s Affiliate Program

My affiliate program is like a club! It’s not “share and run away”. It’s a community.

  1. Making money! You don’t need a huge audience. I hope that everyone gets at least one sign up every time they help me promote my Challenge. (Pay out is $150.)

But that’s not all!

  1. Your followers will thank you. Your friends and followers are going to love the Challenge. Even if they don’t continue to the program, they’ll gain loads from the free week and will be grateful to you for sharing it with them.
  2. Making new friends. We have a regular “joint working session” (when you can schedule those emails to send etc). You’ll also get to meet other people. If you have an affiliate program, you’re welcome to share it (and if you’re looking for more amazing affiliate programs you can find them there!)
  3. Opportunities to work with Dr Orlena. These include appearing on her podcast, guest posting on either of her sites (Snotty-noses or Dr Orlena). Her supporting your blog. If you’re a new blogger, she’s happy to lend you her wisdom. Joining her group Pinterest boards.

I’m Ready to Join!

Fantastic! Please email [email protected] and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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