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Do You Want to Be an Affiliate?

Thank you SO much for thinking about being an affiliate of my products.

I'm thrilled that you want to share them with your readers.

First a few Ts and Cs! (Dull I know but just so you know up front!)


The standard pay out (unless otherwise stated) is 40% (minus Paypal fees.)

I also need an invoice. (I can give you a template for this. Don't worry, it's super easy!) However, as I live in the EU, it's law that I get an invoice for EVERYTHING. 

Yep! It's a bore but it has to be done and once you have a good system it's easy.

But please be aware that I can't pay you BEFORE I get the invoice. Them's the rules!

Any Questions?

Just ask! You can email me at [email protected]

Current Programs

The 30 Day Pelvic Floor Solution

Dr Orlena's Wellness Summit (payout 45%)

Need Promotion Materials?

I can help! Just ask. :) I'm happy to come and chat to your audience. I'll be building up a library of resources that you can use (emails to send, images to share.)

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