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Discover How to Transform your family health so you can all feel fit and fabulous in just one week.

Healthy living for the whole family...without having to think about it!

Wish you could feel amazing in your body whilst teaching your kids healthy eating habits??

(And yes that includes losing weight if you want to!)

You can!

And it can be easy and fun.

Dr Orlena will show you how.

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Stuck in your family "unhealthy habits" and can't work out how to get out of them?

Dr Orlena will help you make simple but mighty changes in just one week!

  • Understand how your thoughts and emotions drive your actions so you can make changes that stick
  • Find changes that suit your family so everyone is happy. Less stress, more fun!
  • Create healthy habits so healthy living happens without having to think about it. Even though you're super busy.
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Who is Dr Orlena?


  • Trained at the University of Bristol, UK and Bristol Children's Hospital
  • Mother of 4 boisterous kids
  • Host of the Fit and Fabulous podcast
  • Author of "Feeding Toddlers"
  • Amazing coach who makes healthy living and weight loss easy and fun!

"I highly recommend working with Dr Orlena to anyone. In fact I have recommended her to my husband and a couple of friends." Dr Alexis


Yes please!

Yes please!

I want to change my family habits so we can all be healthy and feel fit and fabulous....

without having to think about it.

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