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Fit and Fabulous Weight Loss


With Dr Orlena, weight loss coach.


Lead your most healthy, fit and fabulous life!

Because healthy living should be fun and easy.

Are you ready to start making changes? 

Find a healthy way of eating that you love AND supports your weight loss goal?

No pills, no depriving, just easy healthy eating.

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The 4 Pillars of Healthy Living

Whether you want to lose weight or feel amazing, the 4 pillars are the same!
To feel fit and fabulous we need to look after selves. Which means paying attention to all 4 pillars.


What we eat affects our weight and our health.

I'm all about the vegetables!

Want to find out about the Med Style Diet? Check out this podcast.

Dr Orlena's 2 Week Healthy Reboot

Want help with healthy eating? Check out my 2 week reboot

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Sleep and Exercise

Getting enough sleep helps us loose weight. Plus it's essential for good health.

Listen to my sleep podcast with Dr Zarrin Sheikh here.

Emotional Wellness

Our thoughts, emotions and stress levels affect our health and our weight.

Listen to podcast "Letting Go of Anger".

New Me 5 Day Mindset Challenge

Want to make changes but know they won't stick?
Join my 5 day challenge to dig out those "I can't do it" thoughts and replace them with "this is fun and easy!"
You'll receive a 10 minute video a day for 5 days.
Come and transform your life!


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3 easy meals to help you lose weight that the kids will eat too


Right now, we all need easy and simple.

Grab my healthy family meal planner.