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How to Lose Weight and Lead an Amazing Life

What if losing weight was easy?

No more struggling! No more despair! No more "I can't do it!"

Healthy eating can be fun, easy and enjoyable when you know how!

Hosted by Dr Orlena Kerek

Recording available until June 5th.

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Video 1 May 14th

How do you lose weight?

Why are you stuck? And what to do about it.

We're going to take an overview of how to get from "here" (where you are now" to "there" (you living an amazing life in your thin body.)

I'll show you:

The 3 steps you need to take.

My top nutritional tips (find food you like to eat!)

The "Kerek Plan". My nutritional plan. Easy to follow!

Video 2 May 17th

We're chatting about the "journey" you need to take from "here" to "there".

The every day living. And what stops you sticking to the plan.

Aka  cravings! 

I'll give you my top tool to combat cravings.

Video 3 May 22nd

Living your amazing life!

What does it look like when you get "there"?

How do you maintain your amazing life?

We'll look at creating habits that serve you.

Video 4 May 28th

Your turn!

How YOU can change your life

Recordings Available until June 5th


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