To Healthiest You!

Wednesday October 13th 3.30pm Central European Time


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Healthy Living Can Be Easy and Fun!

You'll learn how to transform your life once and for all:

  1. How your health and energy levels are in your hands
  2. How easy it is to lead a healthy life
  3. WHY it’s so hard to make changes that stick
  4. How you can easily make changes

We'll work through your 'road map" together.

You'll leave with a clear plan to get to "healthiest you".


About Dr Pauline Morris

Dr Pauline Morris is a Consultant Anesthetist who brings a wealth of experience within and outside of medicine as a certified Life and Mindfulness Coach.
Having been a young single mum, she understands how difficult it is to provide happy healthy meals while juggling, work, study and life in general!
Her mission is to help healthcare professionals (that includes Mums) discover how to reconnect with their values, renew their energy and develop a mindset that allows them to rediscover their purpose and live a life of freedom, choice and abundance, for themselves and their families.

About Dr Orlena 

Dr Orlena trained as a pediatric doctor in the UK. She's now a health coach, author and host of the Fit and Fabulous podcast.

She is a mother of 4 and knows how exhausting parenting can be.

"The best thing you can give your kids is your own happiness. The second best thing is vegetables." Dr Orlena

Dr Orlena teaches busy mums to lead a healthy life so they can have bucket loads of energy and a body to be proud of.

Plus be confident they're teaching their kids healthy habits.

And for it to be easy and fun!



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