Healthy Happy Holiday Workshop

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have no will power when it comes to festive sweets and treats.  
  • You love to cook and bake for everyone (and end up eating more than you want) 
  • You feel pressured into eating and drinking more than you want by family and friends
  • You can't control your portions.
  • You think "just one won't hurt" over and over again. 
  • You think you lack discipline over the holidays.
  • You don't want to deprive yourself, but you also don't want to put on weight.
  • You want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight AND want to enjoy the holidays




You want to enjoy the holidays without derailing your weight loss and healthy living goals 


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What You'll Learn...

  • Why not getting totally derailed is important
  • How you can enjoy the holidays AND stick to your health and weight loss goals
  • How to set your mind up for success

You'll leave the workshop a different person. You'll know how to create balance, enjoy the holidays and prioritise your health and wellness.

Includes "healthier festive recipes" handout.



Hello I'm Dr Orlena 

I trained as a pediatric doctor in the UK.  Now I'm a health coach, author and host of the Fit and Fabulous podcast.

 I help busy and driven women:

  • overcome emotional eating,
  • go from fatigued to thriving, 
  • achieve a 10-50lbs weight loss naturally
  • so they feel amazing and lead a long and healthy life.

And for it to be easy and fun!




 "When I feel the urge to grab chocolate or another treat just because I'm feeling emotional, I'm choosing other kinds of self care instead and it's working! I'm also no longer overeating since we talked about overeating and fear."



"Dr. Orlena has helped me fine-tune my eating habits, so that I can naturally incorporate healthy choices as lifelong habits and prevent myself from regressing into old bad habits of emotional eating. Her techniques are simple to use, but powerfully effective. "


Ready to feel in control again?

And for it to be easy and fun?


Yes, save my seat!