From tired, stress and overwhelmed... to calm, relaxed and loving your family life?

  • Worried you're "messing up your kids"?
  • Stressed out  with no time for you.....which just makes you even more GRUMPY?
  • Know there's another way but frustrated as you can't apply it to your life?

Come and join Dr Orlena and expert guests to restore calm and tranquility to the 4 pillars of healthy living.

  1. How we eat

  2. How we move and exercise

  3. How we sleep

  4. Our emotional life (and stress levels)

Best of all...

How it can be easy, fun and on autopilot!

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Have a Happier and Healthier Family with Hygge

Tove from Mamma in the Now

- What is Danish Hygge?
- Why is Hygge Important for a Happier & Healthier Family?
- Five Ways You Can Hygge With Your Family TODAY!

How Parent Involvement in Schools Positively Impacts Children 

Punam from EduMe

- Children feeling secure in their support system helps with their academic success

Raising Kind Siblings for a Calmer, Happier, More Peaceful Home 

Nicole from Coffee and Carpools

- Set them up to want to be kind- with clear expectations

- the only 2 family rules you need
- Build connection to lessen the sibling jealousy/rivalry
- Put them on the same team- tie their success to their siblings' success

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I’m Dr Orlena...

family health advocate, empowerment mentor, pioneer, author, educator, pediatric doctor, mother.

I'm the host of the Fit and Fabulous Podcast. Author of "Feeding Toddlers" and "Crunch! Put a Stop to Picky Eating and Help my Kids Love Veggies".

I struggled with the same things you might be struggling with now.

Creating Easy Daily Self Care Routines for Overall Wellness

Roxanne from the Whatever Mom

- Why it's important to create easy, daily routines for self care
- Different kinds of self care
- How self care impacts our mental and physical wellness

Fun Family Yoga: Creating Deeper Connection and More joy On (and Off) the Mat 

Marisa from mzrcoaching

- Why yoga improves your emotional, mental, and physical health
- How to use the wisdom from early yogis to develop a practice you show up for everyday
- Simple ways to deepen your connection as a family and create more ease & joy on and off the mat

Winning Cooperation with your Child for a Stress Free Life

Meaghan from Joyful Mud Puddles

- Creating a closer connection to your child helps them feel loved, safe and willing to try new things and accept correction, in all areas of life
- Children listen after they feel heard and understood
- Problem solve together when challenges arise working on mutual respect
- Focus on connection before correction and I'll use lots of health and wellness examples.

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10 Steps to Mindful Parenting

Mary Anne from Mindful Parenting

- Look Your Children in the Eyes
- Start the Day with Quality Interactions
- Let them Know What to Expect
- Laugh Together
- Focus on the Small Moments
- Learn Their Love Languages and Recognize Your Love Languages
- Create Family Traditions
- Give Yourself Permission to Make Mistakes
- Model Honesty
- Spend Time in Nature with Your Kids

How Frozen Vegetables Can Help You Eat Healthily

Samantha from Recipe This

- Why eat frozen vegetables?
- How to cook frozen vegetables in the instant pot.
- How to make frozen vegetables taste better.
- The best frozen vegetables to cook.
- How I use frozen vegetables for family meal planning.

What Every Child Needs To Be Their Best Self

Kristina from The Impactful Parent 

- Security
- Acceptance
- Power

Making Memories with Your Family to Build Stronger Bonds

Magdalena Battles from Living Joy Daily

- Why memory making activities help to build stronger family memories.
- Why memories help us mentally and emotionally during difficult times.
- Ways we can make memories with our family
- Make an effort to praise your children and make your home a positive environment.

Stress Less With Self Care Success: How 15 minutes a day can lead to Happiness

Shawree Johnson from Mind Body Spirit Bliss

- The true definition of self care and how it differs from what the media wants you to believe
- How to practice self care the right way
- How to make time for you

How to get a Good Night's Sleep

Dr Orlena Kerek from Fit and Fabulous at Forty and Beyond

- Why is sleep so important?
- 5 simple things to improve your sleep
- What to do when you can't sleep

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How to help your child get healthy sleep all through the night

Bonnie from Sleep, Love and Happiness

- Why sleep is essential to our children’s wellness
- 3 Keys to sleeping through the night
- How to make full nights of sleep your reality

How I lost weight as a busy mum

Becky from Mom Beach

- How I found motivation to transform my life
- 3 tips that made it easy for me

Empowering your child: Immunising against Threats to Mental Health

Natasha Tiwari

  1. How you can empower your child to feel strong, mentally
  2. How to empower your child to have good, robust mental health
  3. How you can begin to “immunise” against threats to mental health, creating a powerful defence against mental illness
  4. How you can create a mental foundation for your child to thrive from
  5. If your child is already suffering, how to make empowered steps forward

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Mindfulness Movement and Games for Kids and Families

Maia Horsager from Kumarah Yoga

- Kids need examples of how to manage and regulate their emotions
- Mindfulness and breath practices with kids can be fun and easy
- Family mindfulness games and little lifestyle changes make a huge difference in social and emotional regulation in kids!

Make Parenting Easier and More Fun with CONNECTION!

Sarah Rosensweet from

- Why connection is important
- 5 easy strategies to increase connection

How to Create an Atmosphere of Peace in Your Home When Life is Stressful

Lauren from Inspired Motherhood

- How your thought life impacts your feelings
- Taking care of our emotional health as well as our children's emotional health
- Practical tips to do this

Help your school child develop the reading skills they actually need without stressing out over it


Creating a calm home through sensory regulation (for all kids)


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