Healthy eating made easy with Dr Orlena's 2 week reboot.




without depriving yourself or counting calories

Yes I'm ready to love healthy eating
Let’s be honest…

It’s no secret that what we eat affects our bodies.

I always say weight loss is 80% what we eat, 20% exercise and 100% mindset (you’ve got that covered with the End Emotional Eating Package.)

Many people try to lose weight by “cutting out the bad stuff” and relying on discipline to keep them going.

We all know the end of the story. Bad day, bad week, bad month. Life keeps on “life-ing”. And before you know it all the packaged foods are back.

Demoralised, frustrated, overwhelmed.

There’s another way.

Delicious, healthy food you enjoy eating. It nourishes you, you enjoy it. You keep going because you don’t feel deprived or restricted. (Nothing is forbidden in moderation.)


You don’t know how to make tasty food and you don’t have time to figure it out.

Plus, you have this sneaky feeling that kale crisps, or life without chocolate isn’t as great as everyone claims.

So you carry on reaching for the frozen pizza, knowing it’s not the solution to your problems but you don’t know what else to do.

No time, no money, no energy to change.

And that has probably got you feeling guilty and stuck and worried about your future health (and let’s not even think about money for health bills.)

Your stress levels, your weight and your energy levels get worse and worse.

I get it, you’re not alone and there is a solution.

With just a few changes? Alllll of this can change.


Angela lost 3kg in 3 weeks and feels amazing

Listen to her story...

What if it was EASY to love healthy food...


 An easy to follow, easy to implement system so you know what to cook. Healthy delicious food that supports your weight and health goals.

The exact system I use with my private clients to help them transform their lives and stop food having a hold over them.

A system to show you you can enjoy healthy eating and you don't have to deprive yourself or count calories.

And the best part is as you see your energy levels go up and the weight fall off you'll want to keep doing it after the 2 weeks is up.


Imagine enjoying healthy food...
    • Having a stressful day at work and coming home to a relaxing and enjoyable healthy family meal.
    • Finding it easy to create tasty healthy food that you enjoy eating. So you can watch the weight fall off and see your energy levels rise.
    • Getting rid of that inner “food dialogue”. Instead of that recurring thought “what shall I cook for dinner?”, it’s just not there. Allowing you to use your brain to do all the other things you want to do! 
    • Feeling confident you’d solved the problem of “how to lose weight and be healthy”. No more worry, stress, constantly wondering what “THE” solution is. You know you’re on the right path and will get to “healthy amazing you with a body you’re proud of”.
    • Picking up that cute dress that’s been hanging at the back of your closet for years because you don’t want to throw it out. Putting it and thinking “I look like a million dollars!”

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve helped lots of women who are exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help you enjoy healthy eating.

When you implement my proven system...

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed about what to cook and how to find time to prepare it.
To calm and happy, knowing you have an easy system to create healthy tasty food. Confident you're on your way to a body you're proud of.

Stressed, struggling with excess weight, feeling tired and uncomfortable in your body
Your boss telling you you look skinny and having to buy new smaller underwear

Feeling "fat, unaccountable and all over the place". Constantly grazing on snacks and waiting for the next sugar hit.
In 2 short months, losing 20 Ibs, food no longer has a hold over you and feeling better within yourself
If you're ready to go from being stressed and overwhelmed to loving healthy eating..

I created Dr Orlena's 2 week REBOOT for you!

The easy way to retrain your mind and body to enjoy healthy foods so you can lose weight and increase your energy levels.
So, what is Dr Orlena's Reboot anyways?

Dr Orlena will walk you through 2 weeks of healthy eating in a way that's fun and easy.

So you can release excess weight, increase your energy levels and lead a long and healthy life without depriving yourself or counting calories.

Based on current nutritional research to support your weight loss goals and long term health goals.

What is Healthy Eating?

I teach the "Mediterranean Style Diet" (MSD). Research shows MSD is great for weight loss and leading a long healthy life.

Will I Lose Weight in 2 Weeks?

I teach 3 steps to weight loss.

  1. REBOOT! (Re train your mind and body)
  2. Weight release (allow your body to use internal energy)
  3. Ideal weight

Many people do lose weight in the first 2 weeks but the idea is to retrain your mind and body. To create a way of living that you love so you find it easy to eat foods that support your weight loss goals.


By the end of the program…

  • You'll find your love of healthy eating so you can lose weight naturally
  • You'll have retrained your taste buds so you don't crave sugar
  • You'll be confident that you're on the right path to health, wellness and a body you're proud of.

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

Here's how the program breaks down...

Dr Orlena's 2 Week Reboot Program

So you can re program your mind and body to love healthy food and stop the sugar cravings.

In this resource:

  • Short videos to inspire you to take action.
  • Understand exactly what a REBOOT is.

  • How to¬†set yourself up for success so you'll enjoy the 2 weeks and see maximum results.
  • How to make healthy delicious food easily so you can stick to your reboot even when you're busy. (Like always!)
  • How to create healthy eating habits so you can do¬†it without thinking!



2 Week Reboot Worksheet

Set yourself up for success by planning your 2 week reboot .

So you can enjoy your 2 weeks and get maximum results.

In this resource:

  • Set your start date.
  • Plan your food.
  • Foresee any obstacles.
  • Look for fun and easy..

Value $19


Handouts and Recipes

Easy tasty recipes that will support your health and weight loss goals.

So you don't have to go hungry or deprive yourself to release the excess weight.

In this resource:

  • 2 week Reboot recipes: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  • Reboot overview.
  • Fiber and olive oil hand outs.

Value $49

Enroll in Dr Orlena's Reboot TODAY!
  • Dr Orlena's 2 Week Reboot (Valued at $199)
  • Reboot Worksheet (Valued at $19)
  • Dr Orlena's Handouts and Recipes Worksheet (Valued at $49)
  • Bonus: 30 Min coaching session (normally $150)
I'm ready to love healthy eating!
  • Bonus: Mindful Eating Module¬†(Valued at $99)
  • Bonus:¬†Mediterranean Style Diet Hand out (Valued at $29)
  • Bonus: Simple Food Swaps (Valued at $9)
  • Bonus: Delicious Healthy Sleep (Valued at $99)
  • Bonus: Meal Garden App with easy access to recipes (valued at $99)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $752
I'm ready to love healthy eating!
Enroll today and you'll also get access to these bonuses...

Mindful Eating Module

  • So you can stop overeating easily.

  In this resource, you’re going to learn:

  • What mindful eating is and why it's such a powerful tool to stop overeating.

  • How you can start to apply mindful eating so you can enjoy healthy delicious foods and know when to stop eating.

    Value $99

Delicious Healthy Sleep Module

So you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

In this resource, you’ll learn:

  • Why sleep is a powerful tool to help you lose weight, increase your energy levels and lead a long and healthy life.
  • Why you aren't getting as much sleep as you need.
  • How to create a sleep routine you can stick to so you get delicious healthy sleep every night.

Includes worksheets so you can easily create your personal sleep routine.

Value $99


Mediterranean Style Diet Handout

Learn about the  Mediterranean Style Diet and why it's the easiest way to weight loss and a long and healthy life.

So you can start to enjoy delicious healthy foods.

In this resource, you’re going to learn:

  • Exactly what the "Med Style Diet" is (and isn't.)
  • Healthy flavours you can use in your food to add a punch and keep your taste buds satisfied.

Value $29


Simple Food Swaps PDF

So you can transform your favourite dinners into healthy and tasty.

In this resource:

  • Simple foods swaps to increase health and flavour

Value $9


30 Min Coaching Session with Dr Orlena 

Enjoy a 30 minute personal coaching session with Dr Orlena to iron out any issues or answer any questions or queries.

 Normally $150

Meal Garden App

So you can easily access all your recipes.

Normally $99

The Dr Orlena Guarantee
I'm behind you 100%!



Dr Orlena's Reboot will show you how to create healthy food you love, in a way that works for you. 

I love it, and I spent months making it for women just like you. 

BUT I want you to know that there is no risk in purchasing today. 

If you don't love Dr Orlena's Reboot you can request your money back within 7-days.

I'm confident it is a solution that will transform your life for good.

Dr Orlena


I'm Dr Orlena.


Hello, I'm Dr Orlena. I trained as a pediatric doctor in the UK and now I teach busy women to love healthy living so they can lose weight, have bucket loads of energy and lead a long and healthy life.

Helping so many incredible women to lose weight, I've noticed that there is one big issue that unites weight loss issues. What we eat!

I have figured out an easy step by step process that I use with my coaching clients in the Healthy Me Healthy Family program.

With amazing results!

I watch my clients go from overwhelmed and struggling to bucket loads of energy and watching the weight fall off.

I see so many women (who don't have the budget to join my program) struggling with what to eat. Either they don't know, they don't have easy recipes, or they don't have time to shop or cook.

I decided to do a thing and put my system and the tools I use so woman can find healthy and easy recipes so they can enjoy healthy foods.

So Dr Orlena's REBOOT was born.

I truly believe that every woman deserves a helping hand in a way they can afford at any time they need it and this solution does just that.

I’d be honoured to help YOU find food freedom today and can’t wait to see the difference this solution makes in your life.

I'm ready to love healthy eating!

Are you a perfect fit?

  • You want a long term solution that's easy to stick to.
  • You want to lose weight, get healthy and have bundles of energy in a way that’s easy and fun. And don't know how to start.
  • You’re fed up of calorie counting, “restricting and depriving” yourself. You know there’s a better way.
  • You turn to food for comfort and don’t know how to get out of the rut. 
  • You have sugar cravings and wish you didn’t.

You’re ready to find a proven long term solution that works for you.

I can't wait to welcome you into Dr Orlena's Healthy Reboot!


If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.
You may be asking yourself...
Enroll in Dr Orlena's Healthy Reboot today!
  • Dr Orlena's 2 Week Reboot (Valued at $199)
  • Reboot Worksheet (Valued at $19)
  • Dr Orlena's Handouts and Recipes Worksheet (Valued at $49)
  • Bonus: 30 Min coaching session (normally $150)
I'm ready to love healthy eating!
  • Bonus: Mindful Eating Module¬†(Valued at $99)
  • Bonus:¬†Mediterranean Style Diet Hand out (Valued at $29)
  • Bonus: Simple Food Swaps (Valued at $9)
  • Bonus: Delicious Healthy Sleep (Valued at $99)
  • Bonus: Meal Garden App with easy access to recipes (valued at $99)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $752
I'm ready to love healthy eating!

One final note before we reach the end

You really can make changes that stick.

When I ask my clients if they're recommend my products to other people, their resounding response is "absolutely"!

If it works for them, it can work for you.

I'm ready to make changes!