Building Simple Habits to a Healthy Me

Easy 4 pillar system, work sheets and habit tracker

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Transform your life to healthy and happy with Dr Orlena’s simple system.

Includes worksheets and habit tracker.

Discover how easy healthy living is when you know how.

Do you want to lose weight, get more energy and lead a long and healthy life? If so, Dr Orlena’s simple system to building healthy habits it for you.

Step 1: Dr Orlena’s 4 Pillar’s of Healthy Living
Step 2: Create your plan (worksheets included)
Step 3: Create your healthy habits (habit trackers included)

Includes Dr Orlena’s 4 pillar frame work to healthy living:

1. Loving healthy foods (plant based)
2. Exercise that lights you up
3. Delicious healthy sleep
4. Emotional wellness (reduce your stress levels, and fix your relationship with food and yourself.)


Exact Steps...

Dr Orlena’s worksheets will walk you through the exact steps you need to take to create a lifestyle you can stick to. Discover what’s not working for you now and how you can move forwards to build new healthy habits.

The problem is that life often happens and you forget about your new habits.

Dr Orlena’s habit tracker will keep you on the path to “healthy you”.

Combines research in healthy living, nutrition and habit formation with real life.

Learn how to create your healthiest life in a way that works for you so you can lose weight, get more energy and lead a long and healthy life.



"Dr Orlena Kerek is helping people lead healthier lives with wonderful healthy living habits".
Dr Rupy Aujla
Founder, The Doctor's Kitchen

“This quick and easily accessible read gives you all you need for the Healthiest version of you. Not only do you get the how and why for Dr. Orlena's 4 Pillars (all you need for lasting health), you get a clear and simple Tracker to get you over the finish line. Dr. Orlena’s experience (and joy) shines through to make this book the tool you’ve been looking for.”

Weight Loss for Fertility

"If you've ever been overwhelmed by the changes you need to make in your personal life to live a healthier lifestyle, Building Simple Habits to a Healthy Me will help you get started. Regardless of your specific health goal, you'll be able to create a process for all the small steps that are required to achieve it. Better yet, you'll turn those small changes into habits; and with Dr. Kerek's system, you'll feel like you too, can live the life you've desired."
- Laura Fuentes, founder of

"Dr Orlena has written an easy to read book to help you become the healthiest version of yourself, with practical tips, case studies and anecdotes along the way. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to readdress their lifestyle and make sustainable changes."
Dr Harriet Holme MA MBBS PhD RNutr


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