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Dr Orlena's Magic Likes/ Dislikes Exercise

A 50 minute chat to change your food likes and dislikes...

Imagine if certain foods (like chocolate and pretzels) didn't have a hold over you.

If you could dial down your desire for those foods.

How free would you feel?

Or if you could dial up liking the healthier options?

How would it help you achieve your healthy eating goals?

What happens during the call?

You'll chat to Dr Orlena.

We start with a bit of background.

And then dive deeper into how you feel about a certain food. (You pick one food or group of foods to work on.)

By the end of the chat, you'll be thinking differently about that food.



What People Are Saying:

The Magic exercise helped me change my mindset about a specific food that I would binge on. After a few minutes with Dr Orlena, I’ve only eaten it at a memorial service, and it didn’t really appeal to me or even taste good. I’ve also noticed other foods taste shockingly too sweet to me now. Since my conversation with her, I’ve lost 5 pounds after being stuck since early 2021 when I gained about 20 pounds from stress. Get off the fence and book a session with Dr Orlena. That Magic exercise IS magic.


I really enjoyed the Magic Likes/Dislikes Exercise to place my cookies in a dim cold image, that really just made them unappetizing, and my feelings really changed.


I have got into a habit of a glass of wine and nibbles when I've finished work for the day and finally sat down. I wanted to reduce the snacking part (enjoy the wine and didn't want to not like that.. ) so I chose to have a session with Dr Orlena. Before the session I started to wonder what i had got myself into.. but told myself to be brave and get on with it. Did it work?! Well Thursday evening I had my wine and out of habit picked a small bag of pretzels from the cupboard.. **and weirdly I wasn't so fussed by them and didn't even finish the small bag**.. before I would happily have had a couple of servings from a large I think it has worked.


Before I did the exercise, I found cookies irresistible. And didn't like broccoli. After the exercise, cookies didn't seems so appealing. And broccoli didn't seem so scary. That's a big win for me!