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Please note this is not a monthly subscription. It is a payment split over 12 months.

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Please note that although Dr Orlena is a qualified medical doctor, she is not taking the role of YOUR doctor (even if you sign up for personal coaching.)

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The Healthy You Healthy Family Group Program Pay in Full Lifetime (USD)

All the support you need to transform your life...

  • To feel amazing, vibrant and full of energy
  • To feel confident in your body and your self (wear those beautiful clothes at the back of your closet again!)
  • To fix your relationship with food so it doesn't have a hold over you
  • Enjoy your rich and healthy life,
  • Be Proud of their body
  • Teach their kids healthy habits
    All without thinking about it

 The easy and fun route across the rickety bridge so you can...

  • Create strong habits in all 4 pillars
  • Feel amazing, energetic, proud of your body

The 4 Pillars:

  1. Healthy eating for you and your family. How to make it easy, fun and tasty.
  2. Exercise. How to start the journey to your inner fitness freak so you can feel fit and fabulous.
  3. Sleep. Delicious healthy sleep so you wake refreshed every morning.
  4. Emotional wellness  reduce your stress levels and sail through life without going "down the negative plughole". Fix your relationship with yourself. Learn to enjoy your emotions and pick the ones you like most! 


How your transformation happens...

  •  The Healthy You Healthy Family Program Training Vault that contains short videos and handouts to show you exactly what you need to do. (Life time access)

  • 6 individual coaching session with Dr Orlena to create your family plan.  
  • Weekly  group sessions to give you real time support solving the biggest challenges that are keeping you stuck. (Life time access)
  • Community Chat Room so you get peer support and accountability to make it easy for you. 

 And for it all to be easy with Dr Orlena's guidance.


One payment of $7999


What People Are Saying:

Dr Orlena has made it so easy for me! I felt like changing my whole life was too difficult. But now it seems easy. I'm eating and sleeping better. Feeling amazing and watching the weight come off. Thank you Dr Orlena


Dr. Orlena has helped me fine-tune my eating habits, so that I can naturally incorporate healthy choices as lifelong habits and prevent myself from regressing into old bad habits. Her techniques are simple to use, but powerfully effective. 


Before I started working with Dr Orlena I was so sick of dieting. I wanted to get my eating under control and lose weight. Dr Orlena showed me a lot of ways that I could focus on my eating and thinking habits. I made changes that were a lot easier than I expected them to be!


I highly recommend Dr Orlena as a weight loss coach. I really love her coaching style. Weight loss felt so frustrating, like I was doing everything right, with little results or progress. I am very happy working with her. I can now give my body the right conditions. I feel relaxed and happy on my weight loss journey.


Before I started working with Orlena I felt angry and frustrated with myself because I knew the information, I knew what I need to do, I just couldn’t apply it and do it myself. 6 months later I have been eating so well and I feel fabulous. I have achieved my goal of fitting into a pair of jeans that I wanted to. They now fit and feel comfortable which is fabulous. I feel fabulous! I put that down to working with Orlena so thank you so much Orlena. I highly recommend working with Orlena to anyone. In fact I have recommended her to my husband and a couple of friends.