Dr Orlena's Healthy Eating 2 Week Reboot

Join me for 2 weeks of healthy eating.

Take the first step to losing weight without thinking about it.

To lose weight you need to make permanent changes to the way you eat.
Making changes isn’t easy.
Dr Orlena will show you how to start your weight loss journey by focusing on healthy eating for two weeks.
Create healthy eating habits in a way that works for you and your family.
Together healthy eating will be easy and fun.
I'm ready to feel amazing!

Why I can't eat healthily..

Do any of these sound familiar?

"I'm not a keen cook!"

Life is so busy!

My kids and family don't life vegetables. They love pasta and rice!

I don't have time for "healthy".

It's difficult to cook for my family and for me to change my eating.

I know what to do, I can't seem to do it!

I lack will power!

"I'm doing everything right and not getting results! I feel angry and frustrated."

Cooking is tedious.

Healthy eating is expensive. I can't afford it!

I don't want to get hungry!

You are human

You don't lack will power.

Cooking can be tedious but it can also be fun and easy when you know how.

You can make changes that suit you and your family. (Believe me! I have 4 picky kids who'd live on cake if I let them!)

I will show you how you can make changes to your life in a way that suits you and your family.


How I teach weight loss

with healthy eating and living

Step 1

The 2 week reboot

Strict healthy eating for just 2 weeks

Finding ways that fit in with your routine

Step 2

Fat Burning

Give your body a chance to use it's own energy stores.

This is when the magic happens.

Depending on how much weight you have to loose and how many changes you make...this step can take from 6 months to 2 years.

Step 3

Loving your healthy life

Welcome to loving your healthy life.

This is the rest of your life!

You know your limits.

You love your life.

You love healthy eating and living.

You feel fit and fabulous without thinking about it.

I have lost 3 Ilbs during the Reboot!

"Before I did the reboot I was struggling to make changes because my life is so busy. I’m not a very motivated cook. Initially I was concerned about the price. Would it be worth it? Would it give me results?
The reboot was appealing because it was about changing my life style and habits. I didn’t want anything artificial like pills or supplements.
The one on one session was very helpful. It was tailored to things I was already doing rather than having to change everything.
I am at 127 Ilbs now, which is 2-3 lbs lighter and my clothes are already fitting better.
The price was well worth it. It gave me a lot of tools that I can use in the future after the Reboot has finished.
I’ve already recommended you to my colleagues. Thank you." Nikita
Please note that the aim of the reboot isn't to loose weight.  (That's in Step 2 "fat burning". However, many people do loose weight in "Step 1 the reboot". A lovely side effect!)

"Dr Orlena's Healthy Reboot" Program Outline

You want to lose weight. You want to lead a healthy and amazing life.

You want to feel fit and fabulous.

But you feel stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated.

Learn exactly where to start . So it will be easy to carry on.

For just 3 weeks we'll  focus on healthy eating. (One week of preparation, 2 weeks of healthy eating.)

You'll learn -

  • to eat in a way that is healthy and that you love.
  • how to kick the carb cravings. 
  • how to create new habits that will benefit you the rest of your life.

You can eat healthily.

Together it will be easy and fun! 

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"I thought I just lacked will power. What I learned from Orlena is that it starts with my thinking. Since I have been working one on one with Dr Orlena it’s been life changing. It's not about Keto or Paleo or whatever the latest diet is, it's about listening to my body, and knowing what is right for me. I am so grateful to Orlena for the changes that she is helping me make."


"Before I started working with Orlena I was so sick of dieting. I wanted to get my eating under control and lose weight.
Orlena showed me a lot of ways that I could focus on my eating and thinking habits. I made changes that were a lot easier than I expected them to be! Through her guidance I’ve learnt how to make healthier choices for myself and my family.
I’m eating a lot more nutritious and healthy foods.
I’m looking at life from a different perspective. I really appreciate the work that we did together.
Thank you!"


Why 2 weeks?

You can do (pretty much) anything for 2 weeks!

2 weeks is enough time to "reboot" your body and show it you don't need to depend on "quick release carbs" for energy.

2 weeks is the amount time it takes to regenerate taste buds.

2 weeks is a great time to prove to yourself that you CAN do it.

By the end of 2 weeks, you'll have done "Step 1" of my 3 steps.

And be ready to start step 2 (fat burning) with confidence. 

Or skip to step 3 if you're already the weight you want to be.

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Before I started working with Orlena I felt angry and frustrated with myself 

I knew what I need to do, I just couldn’t apply it and do it myself.

I started working with Orlena.  My aim was to lose weight and concentrate on my health.

6 months later I have been eating so well and I feel fabulous. 

A lovely side affect is that I feel that ALL aspects of my life are doing much better - relationships, time for myself, care of myself.

I feel fabulous!

I highly recommend working with Orlena to anyone.

Thank you so much Orlena.

How Does the Program Work?

Week 1 Preparation

  • Short educational videos
  • Create your food plan (with Dr Orlena's help)
  • Shop for new healthy foods (shopping list provided!)
  • Get ready for your 2 week reboot

Weeks 2 and 3 The Reboot

  • Do it!
  • Eat healthy nutritious foods for 2 weeks.
  • Support from Dr Orlena and your reboot friends.

After the Reboot

  • You're ready for Step 2. Burn that fat!
Join now!

What's Included in the Dr Orlena's Healthy Reboot?

The tools you need plus the support you want.

  • Videos that give you the information you need to create your plan
  • Private coaching calls to give you tools for when you're feeling stuck
  • Shopping list and meal plans (or the tools to create your own if you prefer) saving you time and energy
  • "Chat room" community to support you


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Value: €87


Save time and energy so you can spend more priceless time with your family or on yourself.

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New Me January Offer

The price will include:

  • An extra coaching session. (So 2 for the basic package.)
  • One year of My Kitchen Miracles (€290)
  •  Healthy Eating for Kids Summits 1 and 2 (value $90.)

Come and join me now! 

The extra bonuses will be automatically added.

Pricing Options

What level of support do you want? The packages differ in the amount of one on one coaching they offer.

REBOOT with 1 private session


Dr O's Healthy Reboot

Chat room community

3 months of My Kitchen Miracles

One private session with Dr Orlena


REBOOT with 3 private sessions


Dr O's Healthy Reboot

Chat room community

3 months of My Kitchen Miracles

3 private coaching sessions


Longer coaching packages

Work closely with Dr Orlena for a healthy life transformation.

Book a chat to find out more.

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